You Are Invited.

July 4-7 2024#CampHoopLaHooRay#CampHLHR2024

You’re Invited to a Virtual Plushie Camp
WHAT: Camp HoopLa HooRay
WHEN: July 4-7,2024
WHO: All plushies, dolls and toys (a few pets are allowed, as long as they don’t eat us plushies)
WHERE: Use #CampHLHR2024 #CampHoopLaHooRay and the other sub-hashbrowns (#) listed during the camp dates.
WHY: For friends & fun! (and to help send a child to Texas Lions Camp) It’s FREE to join and participate.
MORE INFO: This camp began in the summer of 2017 and has been sending a child to Texas Lions Camp since 2019. We strive to provide at least one scholarship for a child with Diabetes, Down Syndrome or a Disability to attend a week of summer camp. Through utilizing a GoFundMe campaign and selling plushie directed merchandise (Camp HLHR postcards, plushie t-shirts and a Downloadable Activity Book), we have managed to meet our goal for the last 4 years. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Camp postcards, Downloadable Activity Book and a few other items will be available for purchase in June and throughout the remainder of the year.


Official Camp HoopLa HooRay 2024 Merchandise 

Outfit your plushie or doll to attend a global virtual plushie camp IG #camphooplahooray24 this July 4-7, 2024. Other items will be added and can be purchased year round. So check back often to see what's new.

Camp Hoop La Hoo Ray Swag!

Bearable Download

$7.00 Digital Download with content from other plushies. Paid Separately from items above (ie will not show up in your cart above . 1. Click Button Below to Purchase.2. Once Purchased you will receive a payment receipt with link to the download page. 



The Bears of Honey Grove are a collection of inspired stories & illustrations written by Elle M. 

The bears and other critters live in the Hinterlands. Elle writes stories that take place all over the Hinterlands as well as in the township of Honey Grove. You will begin to recognize familiar characters from other stories as you continue to read about the life and times of the bears of Honey Grove. *There is also a newspaper that is published mid-seasonally that will be available soon for you to enjoy.*

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    We also have a shop, “Bears Howse Mercantile”, where you can purchase a few items for yourself or to give as gifts. Most items in the store are handcrafted by the creator of Honey Grove or by Friends of Honey Grove Bears. A few items are for fundraising purposes and some are custom-made items for individuals or groups (contact us if you would like a custom item). We are encouraging Clementine and Brownie (the bear proprietors of the shop) to offer a few more items online this year, rather than just keeping them in their humble little shop in Honey Grove.


Li’l Abner

Youth in HG

Snapshot Bio: Great grandson of Honey Grove’s founder, Leroy Milner, loves airplanes and flying objects, has an heirloom box kite handed down from his granddad, loves to put together model airplanes, adventurous, curious, mostly silent and resourceful, best friend is Ted..

Come back soon for stories from Honey Grove...